Vacation Church School

Vacation Church School - 08/09/21

This year, Dormition hosted their first annual Vacation Church School (VCS): Growing in Christ. The kids met from 5:30-8:00 P.M. for one week in which they shared a lenten dinner, rotated between a lesson, crafts, and music, and finished the night with evening prayers. Each day's lesson centered around Growing with God. The kids heard and learned about a Parable from the Bible: Parable of the Sower, the Wheat and the Tares, and the Fig Tree. On Thursday, the kids discussed the Fruits of the Holy Spirit and how they can connect what they learned to living a good Christian life. On Friday, the kids sang the Paraklesis service in preparation for our Patronal Feast of Dormition. 

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Palm Sunday 2022

Palm Sunday 2022 - 04/17/22

Pictures from Palm Sunday 2022. 

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Great & Holy Thursday

Great & Holy Thursday - 04/21/22

Pictures from the Matins of Great & Holy Friday (served on Holy Thursday evening). During this service we follow the voluntary Passion of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ by reading the 12 Passion Gospels. 

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Great & Holy Friday

Great & Holy Friday - 04/22/22

Pictures from the Vespers of Great & Holy Friday and the Matins of Great & Holy Saturday. 


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Great & Holy Saturday

Great & Holy Saturday - 04/23/22

Pictures from the Vesperal Liturgy of Great & Holy Saturday. This year, 7 of the 15 Old Testament readings were read by children of the parish. 

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Great & Holy Pascha

Great & Holy Pascha - 04/24/22

Nocturns, Matins, & Divine Liturgy of Great & Holy Pascha. 

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