Worshipping With Us

Our worship services are conducted in English and derive from the Russian tradition, in which music is primarily composed as four-part harmony.  Being a culturally diverse community, we do also integrate Orthodox Christian traditions from Byzantine, Arab and other flavors in various aspects of our worship. 


If you are not an Orthodox Christian, but interested in the worship, a recommended service for you to attend is Vespers, held Wednesday and Saturday evenings and lasting about 45 minutes.  It is one of many types of services we offer, all of which you are welcome to attend, and is most likely to give you an opportunity to have your questions asked and answered.  There are a great many aspects of which any could be discussed at length, describing the “how’s” and “why's” of our worship.   Suffice it to say, our parish family rejoices in spending time with the Lord.   You are invited to come and share in our joy!

Worship Attire

While we do not look to exclude anybody from entering the church based on their attire, please be mindful that the church building is the House of God and within people are trying to pray.  The attire worn to church is one small way by which we can help one another to focus, rather than be distracted. As general guidelines we ask you to refrain from wearing shorts, low-cut shirts or otherwise “revealing” or “loud” clothing when in church. Slacks, buttoned shirts, skirts knee-length and longer, and shirts which cover the shoulders are always appropriate and appreciated. 

We deeply appreciate the respect you extend with these matters and look forward to you joining us!

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