I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Phil. 4:13)

Orthodox Christian Worship

It is our life of worship that strengthens us to do all of the other wonderful things to which we are called. 

Orthodox Christian worship is universal around the world, and at the same time unique in each local community.  Any Orthodox Christian church will still use forms of worship that were practiced in the first centuries. Our worship is based to a great extent on passages from Scripture. We sing most of the service, joining our voices in simple harmony to ancient melodies.

Our worship is focused on God.  We come into the presence of God with awe, aware of our fallenness and His great mercy. We seek forgiveness and rejoice in the great gift of salvation so freely given. Orthodox Christian worship is filled with repentance, gratitude, and unend­ing praise.

We try, as best we can, to make our worship beautiful. The example of Scripture shows us that God’s design for tabernacle worship (Exodus 25, 26) in­cluded gold, silver, precious stones, blue and purple cloth, embroidery, incense, bells, and anointing oil. Likewise, in Saint John’s vision of heavenly worship (Revelation 4) there are precious stones, gold, thrones, crowns, white robes, crystal, and incense. From the beginning to the end of Scripture, worship is offered with as much beauty as possible. 

 “If the ocean is good and worthy of praise before God, how much more beautiful is the assembly of a Church like this:  where the voices of men, of women, of children, arise in our prayers to God, mingling and re-sounding like the waves which beat upon the shore.”   - St. Basil the Great, 4th Century