Altar Servers

Males aged 7+ are invited to serve in the altar in discussion with the priest.  Our altar servers regularly get together for nights of fellowship and learning to better understand the scriptural significance of liturgical objects and duties.  If your son is interested in helping with this meaningful ministry, please contact Fr. John.



The choir sings at three weekly services as well as at all other services such as the Twelve Great Feasts days of the year, weddings, baptisms, and funeral services.  Singing hymns of the Church is a beautiful offering and something heavenly.  As St. John Chrysostom (4th Century) wrote, "A holy hymn gives birth to piety of soul, creates a good conscience, and is accepted by God in the treasuries of Heaven."



Prosphora bakers provide the liturgical bread (prosphora) for all Divine Liturgies, as well as special bread for festal occasions such as Pascha and Great Feasts.  Bread is baked weekly and is made with prayer and great attention to detail.

"At the reception of the Eucharist, our mind becomes the mind of Christ, our thoughts become the thoughts of Christ, our activity and life become the activity and life of Christ.”

St. Gregory Palamas, 14th Century